University of Vienna, lower level, Auditorium maximum (“Audimax”)

Wednesday, 21.9.2016

Emerging Technologies (Chair: Denis Le Bihan)
08:10    Elizabeth Hillman (Columbia University, USA)
Visualizing the neural drivers of resting state fMRI
08:30    Pierre Levan (University of Freiburg, Germany)
Accelerated fMRI: is faster better?
08:50    Gary Glover (Stanford University, USA)
Mapping electromagnetic neuromodulation
09:10    Gustavo Deco (Pompeu Fabra University, Spain)
The Dynamical Complexity Underlying Different Brain States

09:30    Coffee break 

Analysis (Chair: Victoria Morgan)
09:50    Tor Wager (University of Colorado, USA)
Large-scale predictive modeling: Principles and examples from affective neuroscience
10:10    Catie Chang (NIH, USA)
Arousal fluctuations and spontaneous brain dynamics
10:30    John Gore (Vanderbilt, USA)
Resting state anisotropy in white matter
10:50    Robert Cox (NIH, USA)
Resting State Processing in AFNI – from Time Series to Group Analyses

11:10    Gold Sponsor Presentation SIEMENS
Thomas Witzel (MGH, USA)
Simultaneous Multi-Slice. The innovation for brain connectivity imaging

11:55    Lunch break 

Acquisition (Chair: Gary Glover)
12:55    Tom Liu (Univ of California San Diego, USA)
The global signal: Nuisance or Information
13:15    Lilianne R. Mujica-Parodi (Stony Brook University, USA)
Signal Fluctuation Sensitivity:  dynamic phantom and human data suggest an improved metric for optimizing detection of resting-state fMRI networks
13:35    Helmut Laufs (Schleswig-Holstein University, Germany)
The brain functional architecture across different states of consciousness
13:55    Coffee break and poster session

Connectomics (Chair: Michelle Voss)
15:10    Ed Bullmore (Cambridge, UK)
Brain graphs and gene expression
15:30   Angelo Bifone (Instituto Intaliano di Technologia, Italy)
Modular organization of resting state functional connectivity networks beyond the resolution limit
15:50    Susan Gabrieli (MIT, USA)
Connectomic Insights into Schizophrenia

16:10    James S. Hyde Lecture: Denis Le Bihan (Neurospin, France)
Water diffusion, neuronal activity and brain connectivity


Thursday, 22.9.2016

Multi-Modal (Chair: Tom Liu)       
08:00     Valentin Riedl (Technical University Munich, Germany)
Neuroenergetics offers a window into the directional signaling architecture of the human brain
08:20    Pedro Valdes-Sosa (Cuban Neurosciences Center, Cuba)
Matrix-Tensor network methods for Brain Connectivity
08:40    Michael Chee (Duke-NUS, Singapore)
Altered resting state connectivity in the sleep deprived brain
09:00    Thomas König (University of Bern, Switzerland)
Potentials and pitfalls of connectivity analyses in EEG data

09:20    Coffee break

Modulations (Chair: Michael Chee)
09:40    Yong He (Beijing Normal University, China)
Antidepressant Selectively Modulates Brain Network Connectivity in Major Depressive Disorder
10:00    Yihong Yang (NIDA, USA)
Modulation of large-scale brain networks by cognitive task loads and in brain disorders
10:20    Michelle Voss (University of Iowa, USA)
Sparking brain plasticity in the aging brain: Physical exercise to improve hippocampal connectivity and learning in older adults
10:40    Rupert Lanzenberger (Medical University Vienna, Austria)
Pharmacological modulation of brain networks in psychiatry
11:00   Ahmed Khalil (Max Planck Institute Leipzig, Germany)
What can resting-state fMRI tell us in patients with ischemic stroke?

11:20    Silver Sponsor Presentation GE
Ajit Shankaranarayanan (GE, USA)
Advances in Quantitative Imaging… Tools for Neuroscience

11:45    Lunch break

Translational (Chair: Sheila Keilholz)
12:45    Christopher Pawela (Medical College Wisconsin, USA)
The Effects of Peripheral and Central Nervous System Modulation on the BOLD Signal in Preclinical Animal Models
13:05    Nanyin Zhang (Penn State University, USA)
Understanding the awake rat brain organization using resting-state fMRI
13:25    James Hyde (Medical College Wisconsin, USA)
Meta-metallic Surface Coil for Enhanced Resting-state Sensitivity in the Rat Cerebellum
13:45    Christian Windischberger (Medical University Vienna, Austria)
Multimodal assessment of brain connectivity in health and disease

14:05    Coffee break and poster session

Consciousness (Chair: Susan Gabrieli)       
15:50   Athena Demertzi (University of Liege, Belgium)
Intrinsic functional architecture reflects the level of consciousness and differentiates non-communicating patients
16:10   Anthony Hudetz (University of Michigan, USA)
Dynamic Brain States in Wakefulness and Anesthesia

16:30   Keynote Paul Thompson (Univ of Southern California, USA)
ENIGMA, Big Data, and the Brain: Imaging and Genetics in 50,000 Individuals from 35 Countries

19:30   Social Event at the Orangerie of Schoenbrunn Palace

Friday, 23.9.2016

Psychiatry (Chair: Kelvin Lim)               
08:00    Vince Calhoun (MIND, USA)
Data fusion of dynamic connectivity with brain structure and genetics
08:20    Vinod Menon (Standford University, USA)
Atypical brain circuits in autism: relating clinical symptoms, cognitive inflexibility and physiology
08:40    Frank Scharnowski (University of Zurich, Switzerland)
Learning control over emotion networks with real-time fMRI connectivity feedback
09:00    Martin Walter (University of Tübingen, Germany)
Robustness of the Depression Connectome and its pharmacological correction

09:20   Oral presentations I (Chair: Lilianne R. Mujica-Parodi)
Abboud Sami: Modularity in the visual cortex of the congenitally blind
Abbas Anzar: Quasiperiodic patterns vary in frequency between anesthetized and awake monkeys
Hart Michael: Distinct gender and age related changes of the functional connectome during development from adolescence to adulthood
Ávila César: Measuring phonemic fluency ability by means of functional connectivity in resting state
Floris Dorothea: A Functional Connectivity-Based Evaluation of Competing Models of Sex Differentiation and Autism

10:00    Coffee break

Development (Chair: Moriah Thomason)               
10:20    John Gilmore (Univ of North Carolina, USA)
Resting-State Development in Early Childhood
10:40    Xi-Nian Zuo (Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)
Surface-based Functional Homogeneity in Human Connectomics: Computation, Reliability, Parcellation and Neurodevelopment
11:00    David Salat (Harvard University, USA)
Factors influencing connectivity of the aging brain
11:20    Michael Milham (Child Mind Institute, USA)
Brain-Based Biomarkers for Psychiatry: New Directions and Next Steps

11:40    Silver Sponsor Presentation PHILIPS
Jim Pekar (Johns Hopkins University, USA)
Connectivity Between Brain Networks: From Spinal Cord Injury to Developmental Disorders

12:05    Lunch break

13:10   Oral presentations II (Chair: Rasmus Birn)
Chen Jingyuan: Nuisance Regression of High Frequency FMRI Data: Denoising Can Be Noisy
Tomasi Dardo: Temporal evolution of functional connectivity metrics: Could seven minutes of rest be enough?
Liu Quanying: High-density electroencephalography permits the detection of resting state networks
Thielcke Andre: Simultaneous PET/MR highlights the complementary nature between metabolic and functional connectivity and their importance in the investigation of resting state networks
Razi Adeel:  Parametric Empirical Bayes for Spectral DCM

Disease Connectome – I (Chair: Daniel Kessler)            
13:50    Maria Rocca (San Raffaele University, Italy)
Assessing system involvement in multiple sclerosis
14:10    Martijn Van Den Heuvel  (Utrecht University, Netherlands)
Disease Connectomics : truth or dare?
14:30    Apkar Vania Apkarian (Northwestern University, USA)
Brain Mechanisms of Chronic Pain
14:50    Pratik Mukherjee (Univ of California San Francisco, USA)
New Approaches to the Disease Connectome: Network Eigenmodes and White Matter Edge Density

15:10    Coffee break and poster session

Disease Connectome – II (Chair: Jessica Damoiseaux)               
16:25    M. Elizabeth Meyerand (University of Wisconsin, USA)
The Epilepsy Connectome Project
16:45    Victoria Morgan (Vanderbilt University, USA)
Journey to develop clinically useful connectivity biomarkers for temporal lobe epilepsy
17:05    Andrei Holodny (Memorial Sloan Kettering, USA)
Resting State fMRI in Brain Tumors17:25    Mark Lowe (Cleveland Clinics, USA)
Functional and Structural Connectivity Measures as Biomarkers of Neurologic Disease Progression

17:45    Closing Ceremony

Saturday, 24.9.2016

09:00    Satellite Symposia